TV Studios

Here at Parkside Mediahouse we have four studios available to hire, each suitable for shooting commercials, films and video productions – big or small.

TV Studio A – Parkside Mediahouse’s biggest TV studio

Parkside MediaHouse Studio A 693x462
2,206 sq ft (205 sq m) / 20 ft (6.1 m) floor to grid – access via double doors: 2300mm x 2600mm

This studio uses five HD Sony HXC-D70 Cameras, with the following specs:

  • Fuji XA16x8 zoom lenses
  • 8.0-128mm focal length
  • 6x zoom range
  • Zoom and focus demands on pan bars
  • Vinten Osprey pedestals with Vision 250 heads
  • 3x Autocue 17” prompter screens with hoods

TV Studio B – Giant Green Screen

Parkside Mediahouse Green Screen
1,710 sq ft (159 sq m) / 20ft (6.1 m) floor to grid. The studio is acoustically treated.

The studio could be equipped with:

  • Double PC running Flair (motion control software)
  • 3-wall green screen
  • MILO motion control rig
  • Green screen dimmable illumination
  • Part drop lighting grid
  • Concrete infinity cove floor
  • Mac Pro with FCP and CS6

The MILO can only be hired with our approved technician.

TV Studio C – Double Height Studio

Parkside MediaHouse - TV Production Studios - TV Studiio A Empty
1,980 sq ft (184 sq m) / 13 ft (4 m) floor to grid. Access via double doors: 2300mm x 2600mm

The studio is acoustically treated with an isolated production studio and galleries. The production galleries are also acoustical isolated with access to talkback. It has a double cyclorama curtain with white and black cloths available.

TV Studio D – Ideal for Blue Screen Interviews

Parkside Mediahouse - Studio D - TV Set
1,184 sq ft (110 sq m) / 13 ft (4m m) floor to grid. Access via double doors: 1260mm x 2250mm

This one-and-a-half height, smaller studio has a partial blue cyc and partial grey cyc and now comes with an integrated TV set for interviews, media training and set-based productions. It has three camera points and has a combined production, lighting and audio gallery.


A combination of dimmer circuits (for tungsten fixtures) and DMX distribution for fixtures with local dimming (for fluorescent/LED fixtures):

  • Doughty type 60 sliding rail system – 6 x rails, 12 x cross pieces – 24 x 16a dimming system (for tungsten lighting)
  • Soco outlets at grid and floor level:
  • 28 x 13a outlets distributed at grid level
  • 10 x 13a outlets at floor level
  • 8 x 32a outlets at studio floor level.

Lighting fixtures in grid:

  • Arri 1K fresnel x 4
  • Kinoflo Parabeam 400 x 2

The lighting desk in Studio D is an Avolites Tiger Touch.

Post Production – Broadcast-Standard

The whole storage system is designed to support HD (High Definition) 1920 x 1080 50i (interlaced) or 25PSF (progressive).

The Mediahouse has a custom built Central Technical Area that allows seamless interaction between all our Studios and Edit Suites. All file-based Media can be imported onto the server for use in either an edit or to be played into a studio recording. All the Suites are digitally connected to the latest Editshare system.

We offer:

  • 3x Full HD Online Avid Media Composer Suites (1 with DaVinci Colour Grading)
  • 5x Offline Avid Media Composer Suites
  • 2x 5.1 Protools Dubbing Suites with C24 mixing console including Voice over booth
  • The Geevs and Editshare Xstream Server solution will deliver:
  • 5x HD SDI Record lines
  • 8x HD SDI Playout lines