Radio Studios

Our six digital radio studios are available for hire and can be booked by the day or by the hour. They have been acoustically designed to provide ideal recording environments for both live and pre-recorded audio production and are fully soundproofed.

We also have a comfortable reception lounge just outside the studios – an ideal space for meeting and briefing guests and talent.

Parkside Mediahouse - Radio Studios for Hire - Producers in studio

Each radio studio has:

14 channel split frame Axia Audio Element console (on controlled AoIP network)
3x individual guest mic/headphone controllers
NTP controlled clock
‘MIC LIVE’ light
Interconnection between all radio studios
A xia Audio Analogue xNode
4x stereo or 8x mono analogue inputs
4x stereo or 8x mono analogue outputs
Axia Audio Microphone xNode
4x mono microphone inputs
4x stereo or 8x mono analogue outputs
Axia Audio AES xNode
4x stereo digital AES inputs
4x stereo digital AES outputs
4x Shure SM7B dynamic vocal microphones
Numark dual CD players
Numark iDec
Sonifex TBU
Talkback panel
PC – Adobe Audition, Burli, WOAR (Wide Orbit Automation for Radio)